Our menu has the most popular dishes

Below we include our most popular dishes in our restaurant. If you wish to see our full menu please scroll to the bottom of the page.

Chef Creations

Our special dish recommendations from our chef.

Hurricane Scallop$16

Grilled Sea Scallop bedding with mixed veggie in green curry sauce. serve with a side of eggplant tempura.

Chicken Volcano$15

Deep fried chicken to golden brown and seasoned with spicy house chili sauce. Bedding with mixed veggie.

Amazing Eggplant$15

Fried eggplant to golden and dressed with peanut sauce served with steamed broccoli.

Grilled Shrimp and Scallop$17

Grilled shrimp and scallop served on mixed vegetable and red curry sauce.

King and I$17

Mixed veggie, grilled salmon, shrimp. Served on mixed veggie.

Duck Tamarind$16

Boneless duck deep fried to crispy with our home made tamarind sauce served over mixed veggie.

Chicken Teriyaki$16

Grilled chicken breast and mixed vegetable with teriyaki sauce.

Steak Teriyaki$17

New York steak grilled as you order and mixed vegetable with teriyaki sauce.

Salmon Teriyaki$17

Grilled sea salmon steak, mixed veggie and teriyaki sauce.

Orange Chicken$16

Crispy chicken mixed in outstanding house orange sauce, served over mixed veggie.

Islander Crab$17

Tempura soft shell crab, steamed seafood, mixed veggie and green curry sauce.

Lobster Pad Thai$19

Lobster tail ( 6 oz. ) steamed and then pan seared cooked in pad thai sauce, served over pad thai noodle.

Crispy Duck Pad Thai$19

Boneless duck deep fried with pad Thai noodle.

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